Featured items

Collector Plates

Our collection of decorative collector plates offer a valuable addition to your home’s decor.  This collection holds a wide range of theme, design and colour scheme that will surely satisfy your taste – whether it be traditional or modern.  You will see floral patterns, seasonal patterns, and idyllic visions of nature and life itself as you look through our collection.  These hanging plates reflect slices of life: nature, our cultures, our holidays, our landscapes, and the seasons that define them.

Indigenous Vases

Our wonderful collection of Indigenous Vases are all original, unique creations by various Indigenous cultures across Canada.  At the moment we have traditional vases from the Yukon, the West Coast, and Ontario.  Each of these pieces are authentic expressions of their respective cultural practices and artistic traditions that carry on and continue their histories.

Indigenous Decor

Our collection of Indigenous antiques are authentic items of cultural history and tradition.  We currently specialize in carvings, instruments, necklaces, and all works of First Nations & Aboriginal art from around the world. They are original, unique, traditional items from their respective Nations.

Antique Tools

This collection of preserved, vintage tools offers a valuable addition to any home’s decor and in some cases, toolkit.  Our classic tools are valuable mementos of the work behind them, bringing their histories right to your hands and home.  These tools are collectible, quality antiques that brim with a nostalgia for a simpler time.


Our Tableware collection is expansive and elegant.  We sell all types of plates; crystal, porcelain, and pressed glass serving dishes; and all other manners of vintage & antique pieces for your table.  These vintage items are collected from throughout the 20th and sometimes even 19th century.  As you search through this collection, you will find classic patterns, brands, chinas, materials and lines that will fill your home with grace and sophistication.

Flatware and Utensils

This collection features an impressive and thorough set of distinguished flatwares. Our pieces hail from various regions throughout the 20th century: European, Asian, North American; all unique and antique.  Among silverware – both sterling and silver plated – we also feature an eclectic array of other vintage serving utensils.  Whether buying an individual piece or an entire set, you will sophisticate your home with these timeless, historic items.

Cups and Saucers / Creamers and Sugars

Whether you are in search of cups & saucers or creamers & sugars, our generous collection has you covered.  We specialize in demitasse cups and saucers, but also offer a wide-range of vintage items that will meet any need or desire for elegance. We carry 20th century antique porcelain and ceramic cups from England, Japan, and anywhere else around the world.  We offer by both type and brand, so whether you are searching for, say, a Paragon creamer and sugar set or a Royal Albert tea cup and saucer, you will be satisfied. This collection is the epitome of quiet exquisiteness that confidently invites appreciation.


Our figurines are evocative items that can’t help but to conjure sentiment for the kind, simple moments that life offers.  Our antique statuettes were sweetly made from ceramic and porcelain.  We carry collectible figurines from Germany, Japan, England (Royal Doulton), or wherever else we can find.  They make for precious gifts for not just loved ones but also yourself.

Featured artists

Trisha Romance

Czech It Out proudly presents a collection of prints from Trisha Romance. Picturesque, domestic scenes of family and friends are the subjects of her featured works.  Romance’s works glow from the warmth of the simple but evocative appreciation for the sweet little moments that make up life.

Jenner Tauch Kwe

Czech It Out proudly presents a collection of prints from First Nations artist Jenner Tauch Kwe (Chermaine Jenner)  These works operate within the Woodlands School, a style founded by First Nations Ojibwe artist Norval Morrisseau (Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabe). 

Jenner Tauch Kwe (Chermaine Jenner) follows this form’s mode by emphasizing their subjects with heavy black form lines and simultaneous internal views of colourful, figurative images.  Each print is rich with symbolism and carries heavy, profound meaning through references to the traditions and oral histories of their respective First Nation.


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