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Czech it Out


We have two online stores and one physical store filled with a mix of antique and vintage items.

The Perfect Gifts

We have a wide array of items including beadwork, paintings, pottery, sculpture, carvings and more!

Since 1990's

We have been importing goods for sales since mid 1990’s and now sell from our own retail outlet!

About Czech it Out

Our shop got it’s name more or less from a play on words…. 

 Czech It Out-  Czechoslovakia, my husbands birthplace, and from where we first imported items for our shop back in the mid 1990’s.   

Also stands for “check it out,”  as in to look something over carefully

And finally, to “check it out” –  as in to purhase an item.

 Our shop carries a pleasing eclectic mix of vintage and antique items.  Pretty much what you would expect to find in an antique shop, and some you would never imagine!  

We also proudly carry a wonderful array of Indigeneous works of art, from beadwork, to paintings, pottery, sculpture, carvings and drums.

Although I am not an appraiser, I really enjoy doing research-finding out what something is, where it was made, what its original use was.  I also enjoy meeting people, sharing with them their family history of their items, or taking them on a walk through memory lane.  I treasure items from the past.  My husband often remarks I should have been born a hundred years ago!

We opened our present retail shop at it’s location, 22 Nelson Street West, back in November of 2017.  We chose this site because of it’s location in the heart of  downtown Meaford.   

Meaford is situated on the shoreline of Georgian  Bay between Collingwood and Owen Sound.

 This  past year has seen tremendous growth for us and we have just added our two on-line shops.  One through ETSY and the other through SHOPIFY.  Our shop name at both of these shops is Czech it Out 17.

Contact Us

Business Phone:

Call or text us at 519-377-7990 


Visit Us

Business Location: 
22 Nelson West
Meaford, Ontario
Canada N4L 1R1

Open Hours

Wednesdays & Thursday 8-5
Friday’s and Saturday’s 8-6
Sunday 8-4
Monday’s -Tuesday’s—closed
July Hours:

Monday, July 1st- Canada day-
OPEN.   8-6

Tuesdays: CLOSED

  OPEN - 8-6





Free Shipping on all orders over $100.
Shipping within Canada: $20.

Shipping to Continental U.S.: $25.